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Lights, camera... action! Do you dream of making your own movies? This course will introduce students to the magic of movie-making. Students will develop their video techniques by focusing on shot composition, light, color, and movement. By examining clips from feature films, students will learn to frame a variety of shots, discover the reasoning behind camera moves like pan-and-tilt, and explore ways to shoot from their own storyboards to achieve continuity with their filming.  Students will work in teams to effectively communicate through digital film.  All aspects of filmmaking including scriptwriting, lighting, composing shots, and editing will be covered during class.  Teams will use Adobe Premiere and Fade-In screenwriting software to create their short films and will be able to share their final work online.  This course is based on Sac State’s COMS 27A and 27B Digital Film/Video Production classes.  Students who successfully complete course requirements at the “A” and “B” levels will be recommended for 1 unit of high school credit.

Note: The class will have access to 3 Sony digital cameras and tripods, but students are encouraged to bring their smartphones and tripod mounts for them.

Presentation 1 (Go over before Tuesday 7/9)
Presentation 2 (Go over before Wednesday 7/10)
Presentation 3 (Go over before Thursday 7/11)
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