• Your open lab will be located in 3006 Mendocino Hall

  • Go to any computer station

  • Click on any key to begin

  • type register for both username and password (as seen above)



Join Code for this class will be: DUHQGT

Enter the code where prompted

log out and then log back in using your sac state username and password. 

How to Sign Up for Adobe Premiere

  • In order to edit on the local drive (you shouldn’t edit on the desktop or in any of the folders above, because they are there on the server)

  • Click on the hard drive in the top right corner(if it isn’t there you may have to use finder/preferences to make it visible), click on Users, and then click on Shared.

  • Create a new folder (either by control clicking or by going to File, New, Folder. Put your name and the course number on the folder.

  • Put all of the files you need for editing in your folder

  • Save your premiere project in the folder


You also need to save your project in your folder on the User/Shared space like below