MODULE 10: Post Production Workflow & Documentary 



Text: watch the following film until 9:35. 



Comprehend and use best practices in video production

1. Apply your understanding of B-Roll by using it to edit an interview

2. Edit a series of interview clips together so that they illustrate a clear idea

3. Utilize the following shortcuts, and best practices in Adobe Premiere

  • JKL Play backwards stop play forwards--clicking j or l multiple times fast-forwards or rewinds. Holding down k and tapping either j or l moves one frame at a time
  • The I and O keys create in and out points respectively
  • , creates an insert edit
  • . creates an overwrite edit 
  • Shift+ a number selects a window. EX: shift+1 selects the project window and shift+2 selects the source window. 
  • on the timeline the "home" key takes the playhead to the beginning of the sequence and the "end" key takes you to the end of the sequence
  • up and down arrows move you from clip to clip 
  • if you select the beginning or end of a clip on the Timeline you can hold down the "option+arrow" right or left to trim the clip 
  • You can click on a clip and "command+arrow" to move a clip one frame at a time "shift+command+arrow" moves a clip one second at a time

4. Learn the terms Source Patching vs Track Targeting by reading the following link

Assignment: Using the clips in the lab “work” folder, edit the interview footage into a 1:00-1:30 second segment that communicates a clear idea. Use the b-roll included in the folder to illustrate that idea.

Video tutorial: How to access the “Work” folder in the lab and bring the selected clips into your