Read Schroeppel: Chapter 7


1.     Recognize the difference between Soviet Montage and Hollywood Montage

2.     Create a plan for final montage project

3.     Recognize the purpose of transitions like: cross dissolve, fade to black, wipe, swish pan etc.

Assignments: Complete the interview and picture edit from the week before. (The sound mix)

Introduction to the Final Project assignment. Develop a concept and a tentative shot list. 

Final Assignment Given: Due 12/10/17 Midnight MONTAGE: Edit together 3 or more shots that create a meaning when juxtaposed.  Use these shots to communicate a concept that is significant to you. Music, ambient sounds, and sound effects may be used, but they have to be appropriate aesthetically for your project. Video length: 30 seconds to 1:30. (The length of the video is non-negotiable.) Part of the challenge is communicating something in such a short time.  

From Shroeppel: "a montage is a series of related shots. For example, a montage of nightclub signs, or a montage of workers' faces, or a montage of flowers. Most TV commercials are montages. For a montage to work, each shot should be clearly different in composition and color from the one before it. Otherwise it looks like a bad cut between two very similar shots of the same thing.

For example, a montage of faces. If you shoot all the faces the same way, it'll look one face is changing abruptly into the next. But if you shoot a variety of angles and image sizes, the effect can be very nice"

Please use Shroeppel's guidelines for shooting effective montages.


Below is an example of an "A" project. Note: it is longer than 1:30, because in the past this assignment had a 3 minute limit. I changed the specs, because there were some students who were padding out the videos to fill the average lengths of songs. So if you are going to use a song, it needs to be edited shorter.