Module 8: Directing and Basic Sequence 



  • Write a short script using proper formatting
  • Break down a script using proper formatting
  • Create a storyboard from the script
  • Shoot the script from the storyboard

Memorize and identify the following terms

  1. Basic Sequence
  2. Master shot
  3. Cutaway
  4. Shot Reverse Shot

Read: Shroeppel Chapter 4

Online Presentation

Homework: Online Quiz

Lab: Split into groups of up to 5

Using the Fade In application write a short script (1-1.5 pages) for a scene involving two characters speaking to each other. The script needs to be broken down to a "master shot" an "over the shoulder shot" and "reverse shot." It also must involve one or more cutaways to an object within the scene.

"Break down" and storyboard the script.  Storyboard Template