Module 3: Composition and Shooting Technique


Read Schroeppel Text: 25-45

Link to Presentation:

Homework 3: 10 Points

Assignment: Long shot and Medium Shot
Link To Editing Demo
Editing "Cheat Sheet"

Students will use the guidelines in the module 3 presentation to shoot a medium shot and a long shot.  Each shot will be ten seconds long and will be edited sequentially (with titles) in Adobe Premiere.  The edited assignment will be exported and uploaded to either Vimeo or Youtube.  

Each shot will be captured using a tripod, will be in focus, and will be exposed properly. 

The shot should remain stable throughout, meaning the tripod should not move due to wind, the camera being touched, or bumped by the cameraperson.

You will shoot another person (not yourself) not a doll, pet, or animal.  Your subject will be standing still and looking in a direction that is off camera. They should not be texting or moving around a lot. 

You do not have to use music or write dialogue for these shots.  I will be grading them with the sound turned off. 

If you would like to keep the videos private, you are welcome to make them password protected.  Please use the password: lab


Learning Objectives

  1. Students will compose shots based on the standards shown in the Module 3 presentation
  2. Students will compose shots that utilize the traditional compositional standard of shot types (Long Shot and Medium Shot) and the rule of thirds
  3. Students will shoot using a tripod and will keep the shot stable for its entire duration
  4. Students will record shots that are well exposed, in focus and free of distracting elements
  5. Students will comprehend and memorize the following terms:
  • Long Shot
  • Medium Shot
  • Medium Close-up
  • Close-up
  • Head room
  • Tripod
  • Rule of thirds
  • Leading (looks)
  • Leading Lines
  • Screen balance 
  • Head room
  • Lead room