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River Rat: As the Bay Delta Conservation Plan threatens to change The California Delta, one woman describes her life as a small business owner in Locke, CA and the difficulty of falling in love with a place.

Napa Valley Film Festival, Crocker Art Museum, Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento among others. 

How Does Electricity work is a video that I made during a historically bad flood in Houston in 2001. It incorporates music by Samuel Bing, appropriated footage from the WB show Roswell, and excerpts from The Prison Show--a public radio talk show that allows families to communicate to their incarcerated loved ones. These elements were all that was available to me stranded in my apartment as I watched the water rise and overtake cars parked in the street.

Aurora Picture Show, New York Underground FF, Chicago Underground FF, Lawndale Art Center (Houston) among others

"Kathy, a suburban teenager finds that the apocalypse is not out there but in the banalities of suburban life" --Spencer Parsons

Official Selection  Viennale Vienna, Aurora Picture Show among others.  

Official Selection

Viennale Vienna, Aurora Picture Show among others.  

The earliest work in this series (Negative 10) was made while I was stuck alone in my apartment during a flood that devastated my hometown of Houston. I started to dig deep in my closet finding old VHS recordings from the late 80’s and the early nineties. Running through the tapes I found subtle parallels between this country’s recent history and pop culture elements. I also found creepy inconsistency in the US’s foreign policy. In these finished works I distill information from news updates, transform stories and alter music to create my own personal horror movies that are a reaction to distant wars and violent weather. 
New York Underground Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art-Mexico City, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts-among others.  

Two reflections--one of war and the other of a flood--are told by a narrator who struggles to remember. (Pause and let it download before playing especially if you have a slower connection.) Aurora Picture Show, Houston,  Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento among others. 

Jay Jay Gallery, Crocker Museum of Art, New York Underground FF, Chicago Underground FF among others.

Floods Ghosts and Contamination is about a cluster of towns near San Antonio that have been plagued by man-made environmental chaos.

New York Underground FF, Chicago Underground FF, Echo Park Film Center LA, Othercinema SF, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston among others.

New York Underground FF, Chicago Underground FF, Verge Center for the Arts among others


“An Academic Question” considers the perception – and reality – of student activism on today’s college campuses. This documentary utilizes interviews with students and faculty to examine the conditions that create or diminish student activism and asks whether such activism is relevant to the lives of today's students.

Crocker Art Museum