Why NOT Embark on this field of study?

  • You want to become a news anchor
    First, being a news anchor is a great career especially since an informed populace is vital to our democracy.  That said, the appropriate course of study would be journalism because you have to pay your dues as a reporter before you can work as an anchor.  The skills you learn in this program focus primarily on work behind the camera and would not be helpful for someone with aspirations as an onscreen journalist.

  • You think that because watching films is fun making them will be
    I love watching movies and but working on a film set can be very tedious and boring.  Most people who are successful working in production are in love with the long, difficult process. Usually, creative people who are technically savvy, obsessive, and detail oriented enjoy all aspects of filmmaking from screenwriting to editing.   

  • You want to make the next Marvel movie
    First of all, I love JESSICA JONES, so there is no judgment coming from me. That said, if you are in a Film program, you have to readjust your expectations and interests.  It's important at this stage to develop an interest in short stories and independent short films because it's an entirely different aesthetic than larger blockbusters.  



Look, I don't want to deprive people of their dreams. That's not how I interpret that article at all. Big aspirations are what make Film students some of the hardest workers at Sac State! You don't have to go to USC or NYU to get films shown at Sundance. All you need is a good script, a lot of luck, and a successful production. However, you should be honest with yourself as you work on the assignments in this class. Ask if you are enjoying the process so much that you lose track of time--hours feel like minutes, and nothing is more important than getting the shot right. If you aren't feeling that way, then you may not be ready for the pain involved in embarking on a career in film.