Module 1: Presentation
Material for your quiz is linked to your presentation

Assignment 1: Short Film Response in discussion thread (Films in Presentation)

The short films are in the presentation

Online Quiz: Take After Looking at the Presentation and listening to podcast  

Both Due 1/28 by Midnight.  Note: the due date for all assignments will be Sundays at midnight 

Lab work for this week:

HOW TO START USING the lab in mendocino 3006! 

Logging ON:
Login: signup
Password: signup
Enter: your saclink username and password
Create a new password
enter Join Code: B0T4WBEV
You should see Coms 27a (It's OK if you are registered for film)
Log Out and then log back in with your password you created

Below find a tutorial about file management and how to get to the lab's local hard drive.  Password: lab

  • To review: when working in the lab you will not save projects on the desktop or in the documents folder

  • Files will be saved in: HArd Drive>USERS>SHARED

  • if your hard drive icon is not showing up on the desktop, you need to click on the desktop, go the the "finder" drop down menu and select "preferences" Make sure "hard disks" and "connected servers" are both checked


Any clips you wish to edit will go into the user shared space as well as your project. there is one extra step to save a premiere project into our server though:




  • Define the difference between film production and film watching
  • Comprehend the reasons why you should or should not embark on the major
  • Watch successful short films and analyze their meaning
  • Comprehend the connection between production and audience
  • Comprehend the relationship between content and filmmaking
  • Understand the basics of production preparation