Clean Entrance and Clean Exit


"If you show an action from beginning to end you don’t have to match anything"

Think of this as also having coverage. Any time you shoot a movement or an action make sure that you shoot the action all the way through from multiple angles.

If a hand comes into the screen and leaves like above, make sure that you film the entire movement.

This may even be a better example above. If you want to show a car traveling from one spot to the other and stopping in the next scene, show it entering and exiting the frame for the first shot and then it entering and stopping in the next. 

Entering and Exiting the Frame

The important thing to remember is that the last action of the first shot has to be repeated at the beginning of the second shot.

You have to shoot the same movement twice.

As an editor, you often must cut from one scene as someone exits the frame on the right and then cut to another scene as the person enters another shot from the left.

Make sure the viewer attention is the same from shot to shot (meaning the viewer will be looking at the same place in each shot)

And that you shoot the exit and the entrance fully so that you can overlap back a few frames to give the viewer enough time to adjust


Watch the scene below from "Get Out" (warning: it's kind of scary) and look for clean entrances and exits. It's likely all of the different angles were shot with them, but the final edit does not contain every one.