What do film festivals want?

Write something that you care about and matters to you.  Also, think about how unique your experience is.  A lot of films are based in LA or New York and involve people with unrealistic lives.  Viewers are curious about different people's experiences and less explored regions.  
 Short films

You will only be able to make short films in our program--they can be narratives or documentaries, but they have to be short.  My suggestion is to read short stories, seek our short films, and start thinking about how you want to approach your projects. 
 Unique approaches

Jennifer Reeder is a successful filmmaker who has been making short films for decades.  She has been incredibly prolific, and her most recent films have led to screenings at a variety of festivals and a recent feature film deal.  Check out her descriptions below
A Million Miles Away / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Jennifer Reeder) —Melancholy as survival strategy: A woman on the edge of failing and a pack of teenage girls simultaneously experience a supernatural coming-of-age. The transformation unravels to the infectious beat of a heavy metal anthem rearranged as a lamentation.

 A filmmaker who has something interesting to say
See Jennifer Reeder's description above.  She has a unique voice and makes compelling observations about the world around her.  Your work doesn't have to be as "out there" to be compelling though.  Just make honest observations about the world around you.  Make work that matters a lot to you, and it will have a better chance at mattering to others.

  • Check out these short films:
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